Choosing The Right Motorcycle Insurance

Fall Driving Hazards

by Joel Wheeler

In the fall, many people take to the road simply to enjoy the autumn leaves and cooler weather. As your insurance agent will tell you, driving in the fall poses some challenges that are not present in the summertime. When you are out driving this season, you need to take special precautions to avoid auto accidents.


In many states, fall brings the opening of deer hunting season. As a result, the deer become skittish and often run into the road, or they wander in search of food down from higher elevations and into areas more densely populated by humans, causing many vehicle accidents. State highway departments usually post signs warning that an area is frequented by deer, but, even if you are cautious, you can easily end up with a deer on your hood or windshield, possibly injuring you or a passenger. In fact, approximately 200 people are killed annually by these accidents. In the long run, hunting season may lower the deer population, leading to fewer incidents, but currently, fall is a dangerous time to drive.

Simply reducing your driving speed will give you more time to react to the erratic movements of deer. You may also want to limit your driving into rural areas until deer season is over.


The long sunlit days of summer rapidly shorten in the fall, meaning you will be spending more time driving in the dark, even after you "fall back" and reset the clock. Some drivers just do not have good night vision, and all drivers are more at risk of accidents when the sun is down. Nighttime traffic deaths are three times higher than daytime traffic deaths. For some people, avoiding night driving is not an option. If you must frequently drive at night, make certain that your headlights are working properly and are at the correct angle. Also, if your headlamps are scratched and dull, you should have them replaced. Proper lighting is your best aid to safe night driving. You may also need vision correction, particularly as you age, so visit your optometrist.

Many people love the fall weather, and rightfully so. The cool breezes and colorful foliage are hard to resist. Do be more careful as you drive this autumn. As things get darker and the deer start running, safe driving becomes more difficult. Take driving precautions, but also contact your insurance agent. You want to be certain that your vehicle coverage is adequate for your needs. After you make your preparations, feel free to enjoy all the wonder of the fall season.