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Several Drivers Are Speeding on the Highway—Why Is Only One Flagged?

by Joel Wheeler

How do police officers stop some drivers but not others even if all of them are speeding? You may be wondering about this question if you have been singled out from a group of speeding cars. Well, wonder no more; the following are some of the reasons you may be "targeted" even if other nearby cars are also breaking the speed limit.

Weaving Through Lanes

Weaving through lanes is likely to get you stopped for several reasons. First, it's easy for the officers to notice drivers who are weaving in and out of lanes from a sea of cars going almost at the same speed. Secondly, weaving in and out of lanes is more dangerous than flowing with the traffic. That danger coupled with your speed make you an attractive target for the cops.

Driving Faster Than Nearby Cars

Again, this is a case of getting noticed from a sea of drivers. Put yourself in the traffic officer's shoes and imagine a group of drivers all breaking the speed limit, but one of them going faster than the others. Who are you likely to stop in such a situation? Is it the guy doing 15 mph over the speed limit or the other guys doing 10 mph over the speed limit? You can now see why going faster than your neighbors will get you stopped.

Having Obvious Red Flags

Some things just scream to the police "I am a speedster." Imagine driving in a car decorated with speed-shop decals or having double aftermarket exhaust pipes. Such things are usually associated with those who love speed, so imagine the attention you are likely to attract if you are both speeding and sporting the red flags.

Driving a Poorly Maintained Car

There are things the police just spot even without straining, and one of them is a poorly maintained car. A car with one missing headlight will attract attention at the best of times. Imagine how much attention you will attract if you are missing a headlight and going over the speed limit. Who knows what other offense you are hiding (such as elapsed auto-insurance coverage) if you can dare speed with a missing headlight.

It's advisable to obey all traffic laws, including speed limits, but driving too slow relative to other cars around you may also be dangerous. Hopefully, the tips above will help you "fly under the radar" and continue enjoying your low auto-insurance rates. Talk to a company such as Graber Insurance for more tips about avoiding getting your rates raised.