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Had House Fire? Hire A Public Adjuster To Help

by Joel Wheeler

If you've had a fire in your home and are currently fighting with your homeowner's insurance about what they will pay, you'll want to hire a public adjuster. A public adjuster is someone who works independently and helps people like you through the quagmire of the entire insurance claim process. Here's what you need to know. 

Assessments of an Insurance Adjuster vs. a Public Adjuster 

The adjuster who came to your home to assess the fire damage for your homeowner's insurance company? He or she is on the insurance company's payroll in some way. And while these adjusters are supposed to act on behalf of both you and your insurance company, sometimes there's a conflict of interest that can affect the outcome of your claim. Or the insurance claims adjuster simply didn't do a thorough assessment of the damage to your property, which would affect the outcome of your claim. Basically, unless you personally hire someone else, the insurance company's adjuster will be the only one to assess the condition of your property. 

A public adjuster performs the same tasks of property assessment of damages as an insurance adjuster. The difference is that public adjusters can be hired by anyone, such as homeowners like yourself who need help in getting the compensation they deserve from an insurance claim. When you hire a public adjuster, you can expect them to thoroughly evaluate the property and provide you with a report of the damage and the repairs that will be necessary to bring your home to a pre-loss condition. 

The Negotiations Process 

After the assessments have been completed, you and your insurance company may have discrepancies to deal with in the reports from the adjusters. Fortunately, assessing your property isn't the only role that a public adjuster will take when you hire one. He or she will also represent you in negotiations with your insurance company, which will help you in getting the compensation that will be needed to repair your home from fire and smoke damage, especially if the insurance adjuster low-balled the repair estimate.

If you decide to hire a public adjuster, it's important to understand that doing so could make it take long to have your claim settled since he or she will need time to do their assessments and get caught up to speed on your claim. However, don't let this minor setback be the determining factor in choosing to not hire a public adjuster. Insurance settlements are usually bigger when homeowners hire public adjusters. For more information, contact a company like Skipton Claims Management.