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How To Pay Less For Homeowners Insurance

by Joel Wheeler

Have you recently talked to a neighbor about how much they are paying for their homeowners insurance? If you have and found out that they are paying less than you, you may want to take the time to make some home improvements, as this is likely how they are saving on their insurance policy. A few great, at-home improvements that you can make to lower the cost of your home insurance are small upgrades like doing the following:

Buy a Subscription Security Service:

A subscription service is extremely great to have, as this alerts the local police department if your home alarm goes off without you disarming the keypad within a certain time frame. This ensures that local law enforcement will arrive at your home quickly, which will prevent burglars from breaking into your home. Because of this excellent security feature, you're less likely to deal with home break-ins, which your insurance company will take note of. Having this feature can lower your insurance rate, as your insurance company won't see you as a major threat to dealing with and having to use your insurance coverage to cover the cost of potential home break-ins.

Upgrading Your Plumbing System:

If your plumbing system is outdated then you could possibly be putting your home at-risk of flooding and structural damage. Insurance companies do look into seeing the age of your home and if your plumbing system isn't up-to-date, they may feel like you are at risk of dealing with potential home damages. Any signs that can increase your risk of home damages can give the insurance company a reason to believe you will need to utilize coverage sometime soon, which can cause them to offer you higher rates. So, be sure that you update your plumbing system if you haven't since living in your home.

Receive Annual Inspections:

Annual inspections are very easy and beneficial. This gives the insurance company a report of the condition of your home, which if they see that your home is in good condition, they will likely be confident enough to provide you with a discounted insurance rate. Not only does this give them an idea of what condition your home is in, but this will allow you to receive any recommended repairs before potential harm occurs to your house, which can prevent you from having to file a claim on potential home damages.

Using these tips won't only help lower insurance rates, but will do so without you having to hold back on getting full insurance coverage (from companies like Gateway Insurance) for your home. This will prevent you from eliminating coverage, just to shave some costs on your insurance rate.