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Answering Concerns About Casualty Insurance Policies

by Joel Wheeler

There are many sources of risk that you will encounter on a daily basis, and it is important to protect yourself from these hazards as much as possible. Protecting yourself from the financial consequences of risk requires you to invest in insurance policies. However, these are complex documents that many people have a poor understanding about.

In particular, casualty insurance is often highly misunderstood, which can cause individuals to go without this valuable protection:

Do You Need Casualty Insurance If You Already Have Homeowners or Commercial Policies?

Many people are under the impression that their homeowners or commercial insurance plan will be sufficient in the event that they are sued by another person that was injured on their property or in their business. While this may be the case, it is important to note that this is not the primary function of these policies, which means that you should only expect marginal coverage if any at all. 

In order to protect yourself against a lawsuit, you may need to invest in a casualty insurance plan. These are plans that are designed to protect you from damages that you either directly or indirectly caused. While some people assume that these policies are only for commercial enterprises, this is not the case because these policies can offer protect from many day to day risks.

For example, your car insurance has strict policy limits, but you will still be responsible for any damages over this amount. By having a casualty insurance policy, you will be protected against the costs of these overages. 

Is Casualty Insurance Very Expensive?

Another common concern about purchasing this type of insurance is that it will be simply too expensive for the customer. While it is true that these policies have a cost that must be paid, there are actions you can take to reduce this expense. For example, you may be able to bundle this policy with your existing coverage, and this can save you money because many providers will offer deep discounts to customers that do this. 

Additionally, you may be able to lower this cost by decreasing your coverage amount or raising your deductibles. However, you should be careful when doing this step not to leave yourself underinsured. For example, you should always ensure your deductibles are an amount that you can easily pay. If this is too high, you will be unable to pay it, which will not allow you to take advantage of your insurance policy. 

Properly insuring your possessions and business may require you to invest in a casualty insurance policy. Understanding that the type of protection these policies offer and the steps you can take to reduce the premiums will make it easier for you to choose whether or not to buy this form of protection.  Contact a company such as Donaghy Kempton Insurors to learn more.