Choosing The Right Motorcycle Insurance

The High Cost Of Speeding

by Joel Wheeler

If you travel on the country's highways, you encounter speeders every single day. In fact, If you regularly operate a motor vehicle, you may be one of the guilty parties. In the United States, 112,000 people receive speeding tickets each day, which is 41,000,000 annually. In all, 20.6% of drivers will receive a speeding ticket this year. Speeding negatively affects multiple aspects of our society


Approximately 10 million people are involved in car accidents each year. In 2013, 32,719 people were killed in those accidents. Nearly 1/3 of that number are caused by speeding. The financial cost of these accidents was 277 billion dollars, and the emotional and physical costs are incalculable. Despite these statistics, people continue to speed.


Drivers' attitudes have more to do with speeding than the need to be somewhere fast. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration polled drivers to determine their attitudes toward speed. Older drivers were less likely to speed than younger drivers, and men enjoyed speeding slightly more than women. Many drivers expressed frustration with being caught behind slow drivers, and the least important factor in choosing driving speed was the time needed to get to their destination.


In addition to the cost of accidents and speeding tickets, car insurance rates can soar when you have moving violations on your record. Each insurance company has different guidelines, but the number of tickets you have and the severity of those tickets will determine how your premium will be affected. If you are driving only five miles over the speed limit, your premium may not raise much at all. Going 15 miles over the limit will have moderate consequences. If you are 20-plus miles over, your premium is going way up, and it may stay up there for three years or more. Eventually, a clean driving record will help you lower those premiums again, but if you keep racking up the violations, you will pay more and possibly lose your license and your coverage.

When you drive over the speed limit, you may pay high fines and premiums, but the worst penalties are injury and death. Our love affair with speed is independent of our need to be somewhere at a certain time. Many drivers just crave the feel of speeding. They want to be in the front of the pack as they cruise down the road. Every statistic out there shows that speed kills, so slow down and let a few cars pass you by. It may save your life. Contact a company like Olympic Northwest Insurance for more information.