Choosing The Right Motorcycle Insurance

Consequences Of Failing To Get SR22 Insurance Coverage

by Joel Wheeler

If you continuously receive traffic violations, there could come a point when you will be required to purchase SR22 insurance coverage. If this day arrives, you will have to get this type of coverage if you want to continue driving with a valid driver's license. Failing to get and maintain SR22 coverage, when it is required, could lead to the following problems.

Loss of Driving Privileges

When you are told that you need SR22 coverage, what this means is that if you want to continue driving, you must get this particular type of auto insurance coverage. Failing to purchase an SR22 policy by a certain date will result in having your driving privileges revoked.

This situation presents many problems, including:

  • You will no longer be able to get to and from the places you need to go.
  • You may have to start relying on your friends, public transportation, or taxi services, and this could become expensive for you and annoying for your friends that have to drive you around.
  • You will eventually have to get the coverage, or you may never have the legal right to drive.

If you decide to risk it and drive without getting SR22 coverage, you could get in further trouble. Doing this would mean that you are driving without a license or insurance, and there are major consequences that can result from these actions.

Time Frame Could Start Over

The second thing to be aware of is that when you need SR22 coverage, you will need it for a certain length of time. While each state has different rules about this, it is quite common for states to require this coverage for three years.

The benefit of getting the coverage and keeping it is that three years will eventually come and go, and if you have kept the coverage the entire time, you will be able to drop it on a certain date.

The downside is that if you have a lapse in your coverage, your state might make you start all over. For example, if you had coverage for one year and then allowed the policy to lapse, you would have to get the policy going again and pay for it for the next three years. Anytime a lapse occurs, there is a chance that the time-frame will start all over again.

If you need SR22 coverage, call an insurance company and purchase a policy. To get the best deal on SR22 coverage, you may want to call a company that offers cheap SR22 insurance policies. (For more information, contact Illinois Automobile Insurance or another company)